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Sunreadable & Standard LCD monitors and kits

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Sunlight readable LCD monitors offer enhanced ultra-high brightness LCD color displays for high ambient light applications. They are designed for use in applications such as industrial machinery, kiosk, ATM machines, automotive, marine, and order confirmation systems. These sunlight readable LCD monitors are available in several configurations and two temperature ranges- standard (0 to 50 deg C) and wide (-20 to 60 deg C). Our wide temp versions have low power long life LED backlights.

Model Series


LCD size



   Sunreadable   Panel Mounted

6.5” to 19”

Sunreadable LCD monitors in several configurations: Waterproof front bezel and open chassis versions for mounting in your equipment


Standard Brightness Panel Mounted

8.4” to 19”

Industrial panel mounted LCD monitors


Outdoor  Sunreadable

6.5” to 65”

Outdoor sunreadable LCD monitors with waterproof enclosures


LCD Kits

3.5” to 65”

LCD monitor kits with all components prewired and ready to mount in your equipment


       Sunreadable       LCD Kits

3.5” to 65”

Sunreadable LCD monitor kits with all components

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