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  We  have a diverse line of LCD products, industrial computers, sunreadable displays and other automation products.

Model Series


LCD size



Panel PC

8.4” to 65”

Low cost industrial touchscreen flat panel pc with rugged features

Several standard types and custom designs to fit your application requirements



LCD monitors sunreadable and standard brightness

6.5” to 65”

Sun readable touchscreen panel pc’s for outdoor kiosks, order confirmation, ATM and many other industrial applications where a bright readable LCD panel pc is required

Standard brightness monitors for all types of applications.

Available as complete monitors, open frame with no front bezel and as kits of components .


Single Board Computers

Full size, half size and embedded computer boards

Available in Full size, half size and various smaller sizes


Embedded Computers


Complete computer systems for use in your machine, process line or other applications

waterproof outdoor horizontal monitor(1)(8)(2)(3)(3)(4)(3)(10)(3)(4)

Digital Signage

Indoor and Outdoor Sunreadable

Sunreadable and standard brightness digital signs for use outdoor in bright sunlight or indoor advertising applications



Standard and Custom designs

Custom and standard kiosk designs for all applications

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